Dance Passion

Dance Passion to the Call of the Ancestors

Dance passion to the call of the ancestors
Call of the Ancestors - Kristo Art
I believe that the strongest memories are our bodies'; they are guts memories. Dance passion connects us to those core memories.

That's why it can't be any surprise to anyone that dance is fundamental in all culture. 

We can look at it whichever way we want, deny it, reject it, accept it, forget it, demonize it, honor it... it remains like all truth, an evidence. 

Everyone who is aware of that evidence in dance touches an extraordinarily high level of consciousness and connects to the call of the ancestors.

Dance passion to my roots

Dance passion simply brought me to the core of my roots. 

I am a child of the 70's migrants in Canada. In looking for a better life, my parents seemed to believe that whatever was not from their roots was better. Well, that's the scar I've been left with.

''hit and forget, bear the mark and remember''

~  Proverb Kreyol

But... Ay, ya yay... my heart rebelled! My body rebelled! 

What we are looking for with all our soul
is what we find

I believe that what we are looking for with all our soul
is what we find. 

I found memories in books. I found other girls looking for what is theirs as I and, we got together, we searched for knowledge. We found lady Dulia Berthaud. Mrs. Berthaud was conscious of the value of our culture and generous enough to transmit to us all that she could about traditional dance in Haiti

My body rejoiced with my soul in bliss. I danced from my guts all through the fiber and veins of my body the tradition of my ancestors rooted in Vodoo philosophy.

In searching to find out and understand, I pulled away, little by little, the veils on the meaning of each dance to discover their spirit. 

This wealth, to really know, understand and share it well, is a lifetime labor, a work of love with many and multiple generations. 

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I'm Turenne / Tilarenn. I welcome you warmly in this journey through dance, path of the universal wellness that is movement, with inspirations to fully stir our vital energy and dance your soul.
dance your soul as free as the raw vital energies of children...
Dance, stir your vital energy and Be in every moment!
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