Argentina Dances

Argentina Dances

Dancing in Argentina plays a great part in Argentina's culture. Such dance as tango is surely familiar to anyone in any part of the world. But tango is not the only dance in Argentina.

Top Argentina Dances

Argentina rural traditional danceDoubtless tango is the first in the list of top Argentina dances. This passionate dance was born in 1700s in Buenos Aires. Firstly it was considered to be a working class dance. 

Very soon it became a country's obsession which rapidly spread all over the world.  

It is a combination of Spanish habanera, Creole milonga and African tribes' traditional dance candombe. In the XX century it was one of the most popular dances around the globe and today it takes the leading part in a world's musical world.

Hot Latino temper is also brightly shown in such dances as cuarteto, samba, chamamé and other rural traditional dances. Argentinian use dances as a transition of their feelings that can be sad, happy, passionate and romantic.

Such dance as samba or zamba is not only nice to watch but quite easy and truly fascinating to dance. It is a slow dance that is usually played on a guitar or bombo leguero which is a traditional Spanish drum that also has African origin.

Samba or zamba is said to be a romantic dance which expresses love and romance. It is danced in a couple and solo. If dances in a pair a men takes a leading part and a girl shows her shy feminine side and lets the men to lead her.

zamba, samba, Argentina traditional dance
Chamamé is a traditional Latin America style that combines South American emotions and wild African tribe's music. 

It is a cheek-to-cheek dance that was originated in the XIX century by emigrants who came from Poland, Check Republic and Germany. 

Chamamé has different style some of which even include waltz and polka.

Cuarteto Leo is a prominent Argentinian band leader who was the first to establish homonymous dance Cuarteto. It is a group dance that is performed in a circle of people that moves clockwise. It is accompanied by violin, piano, bandeon or accordion. This fun action has a special rhythm that is called tunga-tunga.  

Historical dance was forgotten for some time and reborn in 1980s by famous Argentinian musician Carlos "La Mona" Jimenez.

Chamané, Argentina traditional dance

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