Khmer Traditional Music And Dance

Khmer Traditional Music And Dance

At age 78, Em Theay designated Master of Performing Arts
by the Ministry of Culture, continues to train young Cambodians 
in the art of Khmer Royal Dance 

The Khmer empire which is better known today as Cambodia was one of the biggest and long lasting Empires of South East Asia. However in recent centuries, this famous empire has been limited to a small territory following the rule of Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

This empire has gifted many valuable cultural and political aspects to the world.

The Children Of Khmer are part of the Tonale Bassac Folk Dance group, 
formed to keep alive the traditional music and dance of Cambodia, 
which was almost completely destroyed by the Khmer Rouge 

Khmer Classical Dance

Among the empire's most renowned features are Traditional Khmer music and dance. Khmer classical dance is a unique form of Cambodian dance style. However it does hold some similar features with other dance forms practiced in Laos and Thailand.

This ancient form of art is also known in English as Khmer royal ballet and Cambodian court dance. In the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity list of UNESCO, Khmer classical dance is known as the Royal Ballet of Cambodia.


Charya Cheam Burt 
as one of a small number of Cambodian dancers 
to have studied under the dance master 
Soth Som Onn, has Khmer classical dance lineage 
by direct training 
In Khmer, this traditional form of dance is referred to as ‘robam' or dances of royal wealth. 

However when the Lon Nol regime of Cambodia was in power it was commonly known as robam kbach boran khmer which means Khmer dance of the ancient style.

Khmer classical dance is an immensely stylized form of art which is primarily practiced by females.

Therefore, during the French protectorate period, this dance form was performed in royal palaces. 

Compared to French ballet, this unusual form of dance has various unique movements and gestures where the dancers dance while acting out a story. 

These dancers are not allowed to sing, speak or move their mouth at all. With only a slight smile on their faces, these well trained dancers who have been practicing the art from a very young age tell the audience a story through their dancing.

The main roles in Khmer classical dance include men, maidens, ogres, mermaids, garudas and monkeys. Costumes used to depict the best of these characters are in general profoundly and skilfully embroidered. Some costumes are accessorised by sequins and even gems.

A pinpeat orchestra is used in order to provide music to Khmer classical dance. This one of a kind orchestra features instruments such as drums, gongs and oboes. 

During the time when the orchestra does not provide music for the dance, a group of singers sing choruses that describe the story of the dance. Well known traditional musical pieces include Raev, Reay, Cheut Chhing, Sathukar and Krao Nai.

A unique school in Cambodia finds that the ancient arts 
of sacred dance and music work miracles in the families 
of Khmer Rouge genocide survivors

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