Born To Dance

Born to dance...
dance trends, dance craze,
dance flash mobs...

Born to dance and live in balance and harmony in all
Born to Dance and Live in Balance and Harmony in All

I believe we are born to dance life. Do you?

Everybody ought to understand how true this is. We ought to take in that every men's and women's misfortunes derive from not knowing how to dance life. We ought to comprehend that we must dance to live in balance and harmony in all.

Dance trends...

The most popular dance trends that I see evolving practically everywhere on the planet are Street Dances and the whole Hip Hop culture.

They are youthful, dynamic, precise. They exhale a burning flame for creative revolution.

Dance craze...

Stepping to the dance crazesI find that many dance crazes are misleading. They are traditional dance philosophies promoted like the new thing and plastered with a hyped name.

It is like stealing someone else's story without giving the rightful references.

Dance flash mobs...

Dance flash mobs movements take the scene everywhere, in all kinds of venues on the planet!

It is a revolution in expression, the Peace & Love movement of the era. No more criminal mobs for we are replacing them with dance mobs. With dance mobs, we proclaim to live in full body and soul assessment energy, joy, respect, and dignity.

Are you born to dance?

Joy Jump I reflect on how we express joy pretty much always with movements as we release the body strains and open our chest to freedom. Doesn't it always feel like we are starting a new dance move. 

Our body impulses tell us just how truly we are born to dance.

Planet dance rhythms heritage

What if the news were more about celebrations and good deeds? Is this possible? Could this be what we share 24/7?

Thousands of traditional dances all over the world are about celebrations. Every second, people celebrate somewhere on the planet. What if the news teams put their energies and resources to cover the planet dance rhythms heritage?

Want to share your views?

I've made it a quest to connect with people from everywhere on the planet and share the wealth of our dance heritage. I've made it a quest to join in the world communities, their faith, mysteries, passion, and celebrations.

You want to share your experiences, photos or videos related to how you are born to dance? You can do that in the beautiful iheart dance space. You may inspire me and others more than you can imagine.

 I know you are born to dance. The dance floor is yours!

"I came out of the womb born to sing and dance."

I hope you dance | We Are One

I'm Turenne / Tilarenn. I welcome you warmly in this journey through dance, path of the universal wellness that is conscious movement, with inspirations to stir our vital energy and fully dance life in totally positive agreement with ourselves.

dance life as free as the raw vital energies of children
Dance, stir your vital energy and Be in every moment!

   The author: Me

  VIEW: In each text, capture the vital and creative energy that best convey soul dance for your delight.

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