Aboriginal Dreamtime and Maori Spirits

Aboriginal Dreamtime and Maori Spirits

Artist: Jenuarrie - Totemic Ancestors (1988)


This is an expression the Aboriginal people use to recognize the dual nature of reality. 

It is important to understand the main myth the people speak of that describes the beginning of time. They call it "altjeringa," which translates to "Dreamtime." 

Dreamtime is an ancient period before time when the planet was inhabited by giant and powerful beings of creation. These beings are the ones who turned this planet from a baron wasteland into a beautiful lush wonder world filled with nature. When those being departed from this world, they left and energy of spiritual resonance within each of the things they created here. As a result of this, all things that find themselves within the landscape have both a physical and spiritual presence. 

Dreamtime and the physical world continue to draw closer and closer together as if we are headed back there. Often, stories of Dreamtime are told among the people as if it were just yesterday. 

This may seem hard to comprehend, but for aboriginal people it is space, not time, that is the continuum within which everything exists, therefore it is easy to explain things that happened far away in time to be close because they happened on the same space. 

This myth is a living consciousness; everything that happens in the land becomes a part of it. Under these pretenses, time does not separate one thing from another, and it is not only the ability of the shaman to walk in two worlds.

Maori Spirits:

The Maori, people of New Zealand, tell hymns and tales of what they call the "patupaiarehe," which are considered to be an inter-dimensional race of fair-skinned, tattoo-less, non-humans. These are lingering spirits who are either unwilling or unable to find a resting place. 

Very similar to the descriptions of Celtic faeries, these beings inhabit forests and foothills, constantly making contact and interfering with humans. The constant of these spirits can be with positive intent or very negative ill will. The evil spirits are often seen as ogres, goblins, or even fish. 

The Maori tribesmen and shaman perform rituals that call these spirits and urge them to seek relaxation and peace in a final resting place. The people believe that they can send as many as 100 spirits with a successful ritual.

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