Dance of Life : Madiba

Madiba and his legacy to the people
on Nelson Mandela Day

I have no idea where I took this photo.
It is a great one to express without a word, 
in my opinion,
 the love and respect for Madiba 
and question what Mandela Day 
can sustainably mean as time2serve....

Do you have questions about Madiba's legacy and how you can sustainably serve?

...it is good to give time for the answer to take place...

What could be your an answer? Care to share?

Please take a moment to tell me about your observations or any particular comment you may have on Madiba.

Share freely... 

Turenne / Tilarenn - Portrait

I'm Turenne / Tilarenn. I welcome you warmly in this journey through dance, path of the universal wellness that is movement, with inspirations to fully stir our vital energy and dance your soul.

dance your soul as free as the raw vital energies of children...
Dance, stir your vital energy and Be in every moment!

     Source: Remember Mandela As He Was -The Struggle Continues 

     About me: Turenne ° Portrait 

VIEW: In each text, capture the vital and creative energy that best convey soul dance for your delight. 

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