Dance Therapy to help cerebral palsy patient

Recreational Therapy is a form of therapy that is used to treat children who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 

While physical therapy, behavioral therapy, and occupational therapy are important in the overall functioning of the body of the CP child, recreational therapy also plays a very important role in helping the child to gain self-esteem, help reduce tensions in the body, unrelieved pain, improve body image and most of all reduces the fear factor. 

Recreational therapy can be anything from music, art and even dance therapy.

 Gregg Mozgala, a 31-year-old actor, used to feel inhibited by his cerebral palsy. 
With a load of determination and the help of an unconventional choreographer, 
Mozgala has now performed in an hour-long dance piece "The Diagnosis of a Faun".

...A dance teacher helps their students find the song in their heart, the beat in their soul and a passion for life...

Here we are going to understand why dance therapy can be useful in treating children with cerebral palsy. There surely cannot be a single person in this world who would not want to tap their feet when their hear a dance number playing. It is simply too difficult to resist wanting to dance when we see others on the dance floor truly enjoying themselves.

It is natural to dance like walking and talking. Dance and music appeals to people's senses. Dance and music will have tremendous effect on children with cerebral palsy and exposing them to these fun filled activities will have huge benefits.

When children respond to dance therapy they find that, they have now a new way in which they can express themselves to the world through movements. Dance not only helps to strengthen the various weak muscles in their body but it also helps them gain balance. 

Cerebral palsy, which is a medical, condition often, affects the muscles and muscle coordination as the part of the brain that involves in muscle movement is damaged or the muscles have shown improper growth. Thus, cerebral palsy prevents and hinders proper movement of muscles in the limbs and makes the child perform clumsy movements.

Dance therapy helps the CP child to have better muscle coordination and body balance over a periodTaking your child to a group session where dance therapy is taught will be most helpful. Here in these group sessions other children who are similarly affected also come to take lessons will have a profound effect on your child. You child will soon learn to gain self-confidence and would be more open to learning new skills in spite of their deformities and handicaps. 

Dance therapy is effective in developing muscle coordination as dancing itself is a complex action and it requires the child to use their limbs effectively to coordinate with the music. Children with CP will achieve a sense of rhythm when they learn how to coordinate movements of their limbs with the music that is being played.

Dance is a creative expression and this will help your child to think in new ways in which they can express themselves to others. When they take to dance therapy, body tensions and chronic pain, which are associated with Cerebral Palsy, are greatly reduced too. Their motor skills are sharpened; balance and flexibility are improved too.

Look for dance therapy sessions devoted entirely to kids with CP so that your child benefits from it. The internet is an excellent resource to help you locate a dance therapy class for your child.

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